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  1. 哀歌「7B」

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    Dishonorably removed power after constant problematic issues instigated by said ex-staff member. Said user has been removed from the staff team to prevent abuse of power, will be purged(all comments, account, and existence on the site removed), and possible ban from the site itself. After removal from power, user continues to instigate further problems and has resorted to prejudicial and discrimination against disabled people and so forth.

    「Instigation of problems among multiple staff member, resorting to hate speech against those of different nationality and disabled members of society.」

    Ex-moderator Phone Charger Cord has failed to take responsibility of multiple conflicts, refuses to acknowledge such instigated problems, and only further attempts to instigates problems within the staff team. As such, I have deemed that he is no longer fit to be a moderator, yet alone, a part of the community. All instigated problems stemmed due to a past incident of being used as an example of what a moderator should do stating he was being singled out apparently because of said example. User has also instigated further problems over the fact that he was not elected to become a Kiss Chat Room moderator either with a horrible reason stating he should've basically been chosen over a forum moderator whom was unrelated to the incident, becoming a chat room moderator as well.

    Understand, Phone Charger Cord, you weren't chosen to be a chat room moderator for a reason with one including the fact that you showed high signs of immaturity especially with moderator power, which we take seriously. User was originally only removed however, had become salty and so forth about being removed thus, instigating more problems and throwing tantrums.

    We do not have time to deal with children's tantrums.

    ‣ Purging(Disqus) removal of all posted content and accounts, removed.
    ‣ Permanence ban(Disqus) - Will not be allowed to make new accounts, IP will be tracked.
    ‣ K-points applied shall be drained possibly.
    ‣ Ban from the site itself possibly.

    Personal notes・
    Posting about my health conditions isn't a secret you dumb ass. If you don't like how you were dealt with justly and accordingly-

    Making fun of disabled people by the way? Your ego is almost as small as your penis. Don't worry though, I'll feel sorry for you. Thank you for being the first of the new purges for the new forum by the way, I appreciate it very much.


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