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    Welcome to the Kiss Community. This is a reference table for the archive channel on our Discord server where you can find most of your information, your table of contents if you will. This server is moderated by the community moderators, not the site administrators. Enjoy your time and please read the following rules before continuing.


    「Discord Rules」
    1 Do not use disturbing or offensive avatars and/or nicknames.
    2 Do not post disturbing or offensive content such as pornographic material, gore, prejudice material, and so forth.
    3 Do not spam.
    4 Do not advertise.
    5 Do not post spoilers.
    6 Conversations and content must be on topic in relation to the channel topic.
    7 Be respectful.
    8 Akuzo must from this day forwad be referred to as either Sebastian or Bassy.

    「Concerns Related to Conflict」

    If an issue or conflict is not resolved between the two or more involved party members, please request for moderators to intervene by messaging them through direct message.


    「Joining the Community」
    If you need any technical help that we moderators may be able to assist with, use the moderator_help text channel. If you wish to participate in this forum from a social aspect, please read the following rules first. After doing so, go to the #visitor-log channel and use the command <register to summon @哀歌「9N」. Please follow the directions afterwards on what to do from there. 「News and Announcements」 All information regarding the sites, Discord, Disqus, or the Forum will be posted in the announcements channel. If you'd only like information and news regarding if the site is down, please go to the moderator_help channel and use >newsletter signup to register with @哀歌「10A」. 10A will then send you a direct message, should the site go offline and/or is experiencing trouble.


    Invite Link https://discord.gg/qCskxTX
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