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    (>ლ) Half the anime on your list are cliffhanger anime. And still, you keep saying that cliffhanger is a criteria for you to determine good anime. Unlike @the_twig , I'm not claiming that I know what you like because I don't. I'm saying that what you claim is inconsistent with what you do. That is why I say you lack self awareness. If cliffhanger is really how you base your definition of a good anime, then anime like Angel Beats and Spice and Wolf, which are notorious for their cliffhanger, won't be on your list, at least not with a rating higher than 7/10. If cliffhanger really is how you base your definition of good anime then Sola would be rate higher than Angel Beats and Spice and Wolf.

    Like I've said before, you will like a show if it has the things you like regardless of whether or not it is a cliff hanger. Vise versa, you will dislike a show regardless of whether or not it is a cliff hanger or not if it doesn't have the things you like. Although it is true that you hate cliffhanger, you only hate the cliffhanger part of the anime and not the anime itself. That is why I say cliffhanger is not a deal breaker to you which matters very little in your definition. As things stand, I can only see two logical conclusions to why you keep denying this fact. You either don't want to admit that you're wrong, or you're truly blinded to your own preference in anime and has fooled yourself to believe that what you say is true. It could even be both.

    I quote you:
    If this isn't proof enough for you then I don't know what is. And I never sad cliffhanger was a genre. You need to read what I said more carefully because you clearly aren't.

    I can't believe you think you're not a picky person. Anime is fucking filled with shows that are catered specifically to audience like you. If 90% of the anime out there are Yaoi anime, I'm sure you'll be very selective of what you watch. Understand that just because you like most of the anime out therem which are mainly shounen anime, doesn't mean that you're not picky. I can't me more clearer than that.

    I find what you've said above hard to believe because by far, you've reference a lot of anime to explain and compare them to what you define to be good anime. You should really read your own post before you talk nonsense. And if what you say above is true then everything that you've said can be explained with two words, "Double Standard." As I see it, rather than judging anime equally with a single set of standard, you have two or perhaps multiple standards in judging anime. In other words, you watch anime and say it's good but it isn't really good. It is only good because you've lowered your standard for that anime. I find it ironic that you talked about fairness when you treat anime unequally.


    At this point, you've basically failed to explain anything to me. I don't even know whether what you say is a lie or what you really feel. Here is what I'll do, I'll recommend anime based upon the things you gave me. You can either tell me you like it or don't like it after you watch them.

    If you haven't watch a shoujo ai and then why don't you try watching Girl Meets Girl. It meet your criteria of love progression and no cliffhanger. I would recommend you D.N.Angel and Starry☆Sky as well. It fits your criteria perfectly.

    And if no cliffhanger and endgame love progression is really your criteria for a romance then you'll love Yaoi. Most Yaoi are short so they're less likely to have cliff hangers. Not only that, they always end up with someone at the end. why don't you try Ikoku Irokoi Romantan first.
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    Hardly half of my list o_O Filter my list by score, and go through them, next to NONE of them have cliffhangers. Some do, yes, but as I said, and you blow out of proportion, there are exceptions. There are even BAD exceptions breh, you could give me an anime that thus far lines up with what I say I like, and I could dislike it. Sola was meh. It wasn't TERRIBLE and I don't regret watching it, but it was meh. None of the characters really left an impact on me, and i can tell it tried being sad, but the lack of character impact took that away. True Tears is more disliked by me, because it was actually pretty enjoyable to me, until the end. It wasn't a matter of pure "shipping" or anything like that, the show went out of it's way to get you attached to one character, but wound up making the MC get together with the other character for absolutely no reason. In fact, she had very few redeeming qualities from what I can recall, she was just mean all the time, but the anime put into place the rule of "first girl that shows up is the biggest love interest." and that screwed it for me. Yeah you can likely just say that some people would have preferred the first girl (for some reason) but there will always be stuff like that. Also Angel Beats had no cliffhanger. Rushed, very, but not a cliffhanger. Spice and Wolf, as I've said, is one of those very rare occurrences where I don't mind an anime despite a cliffhanger, and I should add, almost all of those are romances that have progressed the romance to the point of recognition and acceptance, which was the point of the show. And I actually mean it when I say that it's a rare occurance, out of all the shit I've seen, I can think of maybe 3 or 4 that I have enjoyed despite a cliffhanger. Point is, cliffhangers almost always leave me feeling either meh about the show, or really disliking it. I've had so few exceptions to this that I would really prefer to not watch an anime with a cliffhanger because MOST of the ones that have cliffhangers wind up disappointing me. By all means if you have a show that you find to be genuinely good and you think I would like based on what you find to be good regardless of whatever you believe about a show being good or bad or whatever, even if it has a cliffhanger, go nuts o.o

    And I quote YOU, sir: "Although most of these would be irrelevant to your taste seeing how you prefer reality escaping anime."

    THAT is what I meant when I said that you're off about my preferences. I have no real preference for reality escaping anime o.o I may have happened to watch more reality escaping anime than realistic ones, but that's just kinda how anime is, there's a LOT more unrealistic stuff than there is realistic.

    I really feel like what I'm saying o.o I don't give a damn about anything enough to debate over it for no good reason XD

    Anyhoo, thank you for those. I'll give em' all a try. Now I at least know I'm in for a complete story, whether or not it's bad is whatever, but I prefer completed stories to half-completed stories, for a variety of reasons that I have explained already, and am too lazy to currently explain once more.
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    Jesus, people. We're recommending anime, not trying to identify a dying patient's disease from his symptoms. Just throw out a couple of shows you enjoy because chances are, you're tastes aren't that unique and people will also enjoy the same shows that you do.

    On another note, I highly recommend this season's Princess Principal, which I see is already on your Plan-to-Watch list. Anime original made by Studio 3-Hertz, aka the people who made Flip Flappers. And you can tell. The action scenes are more down-to-earth but just as well animated. It's set in AU, steampunk, civil war-split England and has 5 high school girls (cuz it's still anime), each with their own unique skill sets and quirks, acting as spies.
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    Excellent point.

    And yes I've been looking forward to that one for a while now, I heard the OP today, it was magnificent ;D


    Sigh... even after all that, you still don't get it. The reason why you think you hate cliffhanger is because the majority of anime with cliffhanger out there don't have the content that you like. Imagine a world where every cliffhanger anime are made like Spice and Wolf and Angel Beats and every none cliffhanger anime are made like Sola and True Tears. In that world, you'll hate every none cliffhanger anime and like every cliffhanger anime out there. The problem with you is that you assume things without understanding them. You've develop a stereotypical assumption of cliffhanger and has attached all the things you hate onto cliffhangers and fooled yourself that cliffhangers is bad. But what you hate isn't really cliffhanger but the things that you attached to cliffhanger.

    Let me give you a metaphor of what you're doing. In America, people who hate Blacks have these stereotypical assumption that Blacks are thieves and murderers. They hate Black people because they think Blacks are killers and thieves. But what they truly hate are people who kill and steal and not black people themselves. If a person kills and steal, they'll hate that person even if that person is not Black. If a person is generous and kind, they'll like that person even if that person is Black. Because they're not aware of what they truly hate and like, they say that some black people are "exceptions" when they come upon a Black person they found themselves not hating.

    This is exactly what you're doing and you don't even know it. I've been trying to guide you to see it without spelling it out to you but you're dumb enough to not see it. At first I didn't want to but I think the only choice is for me to spell it out to you so you get it. If you still don't get it after this then I can only consider you to be a dumbass. Not that I don't consider you to be one already.

    It wasn't me who want to explain what he define to be good but failed. I made my recommendations and he asked for more. Had he told me to be an inconsiderate two face and recommend anime that only I like to feed my egotistic opinion like the rest of you lots, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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    Ever watched Inferno Cop? I can promise you it's everyones favorite anime with the budget of a McDonalds run.
  8. awesomedude20

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    I wanna watch that yes XD

  9. awesomedude20

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    Perhaps we... BOTH aren't dumbasses. Or maybe we're both dumbasses, it's highly subjective I'm sure, but lemme lay this out.

    YOU seem to have your way of doing things, it's all super-organized and neat and professional n' shit, and then I have my casual way of doing things, where I honestly just don't give a damn save for my 2 little requests for cliffhanger and romance shit if there is any. You have your way, which entirely clashes with my way, and as such, you don't get where I'm coming from, just as much as I don't seem to get where you're coming from. I get where you're coming from, but it's not what I want right now. I don't need nitty gritty details to get THE PERFECT set of recommendations, I just need stuff that you found to be enjoyable, except I would prefer to only be recommended things that do not have cliffhangers, that is as far as this needs to be thought about. I don't care about the whole egotistical opinion thing (which was rather mean, *sob* *sob*), if I say it doesn't matter in the case of giving me recommendations for me to watch, in a thread that I made, then it seriously doesn't matter, and you're arguing for no reason, and if you absolutely cannot recommend something that you, yourself found enjoyable, then don't come in to recommend things at all.

    I honestly don't care enough to get anything more specified than what I list at the time. If I want a specific flavour of anime, then I will lay out exactly what I want at the time. My tastes are very VERY spread out, so asking for what I like specifically would get into such nitty gritty shit that I'd just wind up being picky, or write another text wall for a single idea since there are so many things that I do find enjoyable in their own way.

    Maybe I don't understand what you're getting at, but at the same time, you're refusing to just roll with what I want at this current point in time.

    This unfortunately had to unfold to the point of me being called a dumbass, but I must ask that you refrain from that stuff, and we keep this as civil as possible, if you wish for me to stop my little quips (like the *sob* *sob*) etc. then I can cease that as well, though I don't mean them as insults, merely my shit taste of humor.

    As well, I'm gonna say we stop the useless banter and get back to the thread because this whole thing is very off topic from the point of this thread, though I'll let the "Anime Originals" part slide.

    tl;dr if you can't recommend something that you enjoyed, as long as it has no cliffhanger and deals with the romance as I explained, then don't bother recommending at all. You've already given me 2 batches, so i appreciate those.


    No, we both are not dumb asses. Only you are. If you really didn't care enough then why did you argued back? You even went as far as changing your inaccurate way of defining anime in an attempt to match my own. As for being civil, this conversation become uncivil the moment you ignored me. I told you to think carefully before you said anything. But you didn't. Seeing how you didn't care to consider what I've said, I saw no point in being reasonable with you. That is why I changed my manner of speaking after that.

    If you went back and read what you and I said carefully, you'll know that this is what happened. You gave me your opinion in an inaccurate and contradicting matter. When I explained to you how inconsistent and counterintuitive it is, you deny it. That's why we've been arguing back and forth. Had you had the decently to admit it, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Now we are at the end of the road and you still refuse to admit it. You even claim to not cared enough. This not only discredited everything that you've said, it shows that you regret ever having say anything at all. Which makes you dumb.

    And even after everything, you still think you're not a picky person. You even try to justify your claim by saying why I just didn't roll with it. Anyone else would have rolled with it right? You may think that that's a kind gesture to do but I see it as the biggest insult of all. Unlike the rest, I don't like to lie through my teeth. I don't like to be an uncaring bastard who parade my artificial actions as kind gestures when it stinks of hypocrisy. I'm already hypocritical enough. I don't need to add on to my hypocrisy by being one through my actions. And I respect you enough to not be one when talking to you. If it wasn't you, I wouldn't even bother.
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    I'm gonna say again.

    This thread is getting off topic.

    And if you can't recommend anything that you enjoyed, as long as it had no cliffhanger and if there was romance it was dealt with as I explained.

    Then this conversation is over.

    You are the only one that thinks you recommending an anime that YOU enjoyed is egotistical. I don't think so, so recommend away.
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    Wtf are you even talking about?

    You just couldn't accept that Awesomedude had an opinion that was different from yours because you have a tiny little mind that doesn't seem to be aware of the fact that every being has it's own consciousness, an awareness which most human beings develop by the age of five. Because of this lack of awareness, you had to challenge Awesomedudes opinions and say, "that that can't be what you actually think, that can't be what you actually like, because it's different from what I think and what I like." Whether or not that is what you were trying to convey with your messages, that's how you're coming across. All you need to do is calm down and accept that Awesomedude is his own person with his own thoughts and preferences, they don't have to make sense to you, they only have to make sense to him.

    From now on, I'm pretty sure that no one wants to see any more messages regarding this squabble you've started. I think that's why Awesomedude wanted to end the argument you started, it was going nowhere and taking from other users experiences on this thread. It's not fun to see someone ranting about such a petty misunderstanding. If you can't accept someones views, try to understand them, not discredit them.
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    Stop responding to him. You can only explain it to him, but you can't understand it for him.
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    Oh my why does this image even exist????

    In the interest of moving back to the original topic at hand. @awesomedude20 Go for the Samurai Champloo.

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