If you could create a novel, or give a suggestion about it... + What was your first novel?

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    What would it be? I mean, if you could create a novel, or suggest a novel that you'd like a someone to make about it, what would be the name of the novel and what would the novel be about?

    I would write/suggest a game about Super Mario. Yes we have already a manga like this, but why can't we do a side story about it, the kind of side story that takes place after Super Mario Odyssey (After Mario and Peach gets married and so Luigi and Daisy)? Like their lives with their childrens? I thought that at the ending of Mario Odyssey, Peach and Mario would get married. If it could be canon too, it would be real nice, but non-canon version is okay too.

    What about a novel/anime with Legend of Zelda? You know, that game where you control your green-clothed hero Link, and save your principess Zelda from the evil king of gerudos Ganondorf (Ganon for short).
    But what I'd really like about Kirby is a different path: what if, after a crashlanding somewhere, when the pink puffball investigates what happened, it reveals two humans, one boy and one girl, who has lost their memories, and remember only their names! They doesn't even know that they are twins! They will then have to deal with them and Kirby being in Earth world, due to a prophecy that is going to happen to our Earth.

    The last thing I could really like is Super Smash Bros game. Sure, it may not be the top 1 game, but it's still among the top games on Nintendo, so why can't we see an novel/manga version of this game or a anime about it? Maybe, due to a mysterious force, they are forced to not only deal with being in Earth, but also being with a twin in a very rich house by very rich parents? Then the twin would soon get a Nintendo Switch of their colour (The boy would have red and the girl would have pink colour), of which they grant mysterious powers and they can fight? In addition, they will soon need to battle their dark versions (Same with the Smashers) of which the dark version of the protagonists are the leaders? I would reveal you more but it would spoil you further...

    I'm sorry if these novels were only inspired from the games. I do really love videogames, but I'd like to add another question for your opinion. What was your very first novel that made you go into the world of novels? For me, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. anime has welcomed me to the novel world. Since then I've been looking for another novel, but I don't need help. I think I can manage your own.

    TLDR: My questions are:

    1. If you could WRITE, or SUGGEST a novel that you really love, WHAT is the name of the suggested NOVEL, and WHAT would the plot be? (You can also tell what inspired you to answer; whenever it's TV, anime, manga, cartoon, or a book, or something else that inspired you a name and the plot?)
    2. What was your very first novel that you read? (On NovelPlanet it's common, but can also be from something else)

    I carefully tried to make this thread with proper grammar and punctualtion. I tried to write this thread with as best grammar and English skill as possible that I can. So, I do not want to see users whining about 'This thread is crap, useless' or any very negative criticsm without any reason. I want to see your good criticsm, and original names and plots for the suggestions.

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