What time is the Bride of Habaek episode uploaded on Kissasian?

Discussion in 'Asian Drama' started by Preksha, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Preksha

    Preksha New Member

    I would like to know at what time is the new episode of The Bride of Habaek uploaded on Kissasian. I live in India so would like to know the time according to this timezone.:)
  2. Akayuki Nina

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    tvN broadcasts the show Mondays & Tuesdays 22:50 KST.
    Based on the popularity of the show. It will be uploaded to KissAsian approximately 1h -2h (RAW).
    It takes about 3-7hrs for the sub.
    I would allow about 8hrs minimum. ~~~> 7AM KST.
    Convert that back to your Indian standard time would be around 3AM ish~
    This is just a rough estimation. Don't take my words for it because I'm not the one subbing :shrug:.
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  3. Preksha

    Preksha New Member

    Thank you :)

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